Coronado Central Beach

You know you’ve found the perfect beach when the Travel Channel regularly votes it one of the finest beaches in America. Coronado Central Beach, the only white sand beach in San Diego, is that locale. One look at the glistening sand and the gentle glide of waves hitting its shoreline is all the proof you’ll need to understand why it’s so loved. This beach is on Coronado Island and runs parallel with Ocean Boulevard where gorgeous mansions line the street creating an elegant backdrop. The expansive beach is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, skim boarding, and strolling along the ocean’s edge. It’s one of the calmer beaches in San Diego giving locals and tourists a serene place to bask in the sun’s glow while relaxing with their loved ones.

Coronado Central Beach Life

When looking for the perfect beach for families you needn’t look any further than Coronado Beach; it’s known for having calm waters making it unequaled for young children, beginner surfers, and novice swimmers. The light ocean breeze and the soft sound of waves washing onto the shore allow you to escape into a tranquil place that is just right for diving into that book you’ve been meaning to read. Grab your little ones and check out the tide pools, watching them jump with glee at the wonders of the ocean. On windy days grab a kite and follow it as it soars through the sky, or engage in some good ol’ fashioned competition at the beach volleyball nets. Coronado Central Beach is the supreme destination for quality family time and enjoying a chill beach day.

Tip: If you’re visiting San Diego any time from January to March make sure you make it to Coronado Central beach where you can also watch the whales migrate.

Near Coronado Central Beach

On the bayside of Coronado Island you can find Glorietta Bay Park, a small beach that has a play area for children and a picnic area on the grass. If you want to get out for an afternoon of kayaking, this is the perfect beach to launch from. It is also where a bike path begins that takes you through Silver Strand State Beach all the way to Imperial Beach.

The Ferry Landing in Coronado, also known as Centennial Park, has two small beaches that are on each side of it. It’s an ideal spot to just unwind for a bit on your towel or lounge chair, checking out the tremendous view of downtown, San Diego while watching the ships, yachts, and sailboats glide by. These small beaches aren’t for surfing or swimming, but they are great places to sunbathe and enjoy a spectacular view of the bay. The Ferry Landing Pier is also an excellent place to get some fishing in while on vacation.

There are several biking trails on Coronado Island with many places that offer rentals, this is a matchless way to see what the island has to offer. For those who want to get in some shopping after spending a day at the beach, head to the upscale downtown village along Orange Avenue. This small island boasts some of San Diego’s best restaurants, boutiques, and scenery, a nice place to experience the finer things in life while creating memories with your family and friends.

The Hotel Del Coronado is a cultural and historical focal point on Coronado Beach, and one of the biggest reasons people visit the island apart from the amazing beach itself. Be sure to make time to visit this locale and experience some of San Diego’s rich and most storied past. Book your stay in this iconic hotel, and be sure to check out their 1500 OCEAN restaurant where you can enjoy breathtaking coastal views in an elegant setting while enjoying a four-course meal.

Coronado Beach Essentials

When traveling to Coronado Island you can either travel by car over the Coronado Bridge or take the ferry from Downtown, San Diego. The ferry is the preferred choice as there can be heavy traffic during the peak times of day and during the summer months. Lifeguards are staffed seasonally and depend on the number of patrons at the beach and weather conditions. During the spring and summer months they are fully staffed and monitoring the beaches, most of the beaches in Coronado have shower and restroom facilities. You can get free parking at the Ferry Landing Marketplace and on Ocean Boulevard; if those are full you can find paid parking lots throughout the island, and some rare residential street parking.

There is no drinking alcohol or smoking on any of the beaches on Coronado Island, and some even have curfews starting as early as 11 p.m., meaning no one can be on the beach or in the water after this time. There are multiple fire pits at most of the beaches. If you want to make a grand plan for exploring Coronado Island and its beaches, head to the Coronado Visitor Center in the lobby of the Coronado Historical Association at 1100 Orange Avenue where knowledgeable staff can give you beach hours and point you in the right direction.

Coronado Central Beach – It’s a Wrap

Coronado Island is a top destination for tourists visiting San Diego, mainly for its rich history and white sand beach. The streets are lined with gorgeous classic Victorian architecture, the restaurants and shops are some of the finest in the city, and of course, Coronado Central Beach is absolutely splendid. The beach’s glistening sand, the result of the mineral mica, and its smooth calm waters, are the makings for a classic beach getaway. Take a bike ride along the coast, kayak close to shore, paddle board, paddle boat, or fly kites; indulge yourself in paradise. Enjoy a picnic in the grassy areas next to the beach during the day, and warm up next to a beach fire pit at night. However you enjoy it, Coronado Central beach is the place to make memories the next time you’re in San Diego.