San Diego All-Inclusive Pass by GoCity

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Purchase May 31st

The GoCity San Diego All-Inclusive Pass is a Pay-One-Price ticket that allows you into almost every attraction in San Diego including the Zoo, Safari Park, USS Midway. 3-day cards and longer also get admission to SeaWorld or a Speed Boat Adventure or Old Town Trolley Ride.

55+ Tourist Attractions and Tours

You will never go to all of them but you should go to enough to save some real money.

Skip the Line at Many Tourist Attractions

This is a small bonus. Outside of peak season, there are only lines to get into the USS midway.
All Included Attractions where you can skip the line:

HOT SKIP THE LINE TIP: Technically, you don’t skip the line at LEGOLAND but if the line is long at the ticket booths, walk past them. To the right of the turnstiles is the Guest Services window. If it has a short line, this is the place to bring your GoCity San Diego Pass.

Save up to 55% off regular admission

At least that is what Smart Destinations says you can save. In practice, I think you will save closer to 25%. A little more if you get a discount on your cards.

Instant Delivery

Go City now has an option to get your card as a pdf file so you can keep it on your cell phone and show it at the gate. This is nice time saver but you can only get it if you buy from their site. The only downside is you will pay a little more in summer season and you don’t get neat cards to keep as souvenirs.

Free Guidebook

It won’t replace your Frommers guide but it has good info on the included tours and attractions. You’ll need it for specific instructions on how to skip the line or make a GoCity reservation.

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Sale ends May 31st.

Buy Now! Save 5%
Skip this line at the Midway Museum. This picture was taken in the off season (February).