Lose Yourself In The Historic Gaslamp Quarter In San Diego

Take a walk through time in the Gaslamp District of San Diego, where the architecture and history fill your senses. Once referred to as New Town, it has found its place in San Diego, luring more tourists to it every year. William Heath Davis, Jr. was the founder of this area, motivated to create a “new town” closer to the San Diego bay than Old Town, San Diego. What Davis began, Alonzo Horton later finished, and now the Gaslamp District is a tourist attraction for many. Brimming with unique and distinctive restaurants, bars, and shops, everything you need is within walking distance.

Old Town RestaurantsWhether you’re a local or visitor to this quaint gem in Southern California, you’ll want to put the walking tour in the Gaslamp Quarter on the top of your must-do list. Every Saturday you can enjoy a ninety-minute tour that takes you through the streets of this captivating neighborhood, viewing its exceptional architecture and learning about its rich history. Tours start at the William Heath Davis House and move through downtown, where you will see prominent structures built when the new city was being developed.

Along with the William Heath Davis House you will visit Old City Hall, The Keating Building, Louis Bank, and more while learning about their architectural style and their fascinating past. You’ll hear stories of the character and people that shaped this town. A key component of this tour is the WHDH, where the rooms preserve the different eras the house has witnessed. Originally a traditional family home, it was later used as military barracks and clinic. Each room is modeled after a separate time period and purpose that the home was used for. After you finish guided tour within the home you can roam around the house and take some pictures.

The tour moves from the William Heath Davis House to walking through the Gaslamp District taking in sites such as the Keating House, which is now a hotel. The Keating House was once a prominent fixture in the neighborhood. At one time, it was one of the premier office buildings in the District, that at the time had such luxuries as a wire case elevator and steam heat. Tourists also get the chance to view the Louis Bank of Commerce which was the city’s first building made of granite; it’s easily recognizable by its twin towers. These treasures you will teach you about the Gaslamp District’s rich cultural heritage.

The Gaslamp District was created by people who had an appreciation for its proximity to the bay and the finer things in life. Though times have changed and the District has evolved, it has remained true to its authentic roots. Not only does this neighborhood have a fascinating history, but it also boasts exceptional nightlife. It’s home to Petco park, the San Diego Convention Center, and is just a few minutes away from the San Diego Harbor. Spend the day exploring the Gaslamp, touring, shopping, and eating the day away, then put on your dancing shoes and hit the town at night when it really comes alive!