The San Diego Sports Museum and Breitbard Hall Of Fame

If you’re a sports enthusiast then checking out the San Diego Sports Museum is a must when living in or visiting San Diego. It is home to the Breitbard Hall of Fame, where over 130 inducted members from 20 different sports have their memorabilia represented on its the walls. Breitbard Hall of Fame was created in 1953 by Robert Breitbard and is devoted to San Diego athletes that have excelled in their sport.To be inducted into the San Diego Sports Museum is the most distinguished local honor a San Diego athlete can receive. Visitors can even attend an annual Salute To The Champions dinner every February and watch history being made.

Get Motorized at the San Diego Sports Museum

While the San Diego Chargers and Padre exhibits are the most high-profile displays at the museum, it’s the lesser known sports history that is truly intriguing. The motor sports exhibit gives visitors access to San Diego sport accolades that they may not have known existed. A San Diego local by the name of Jack Jones so dominated his sport as a Top Gas racer that the current trophy given out in this sport was named after him. His exceptional success in this sport brought him, and consequently San Diego, a multitude of national and world titles over a four year period in the late sixties.

Learn The History Of Hanging Ten at the Sports Museum

Surfing is a huge pastime for many San Diegans. As a result, several local surfers have been innovators of the sport. At the San Diego Museum of Sports, the surf exhibit is presented in chronological order through pictures showcasing the sport’s history. Visitors surf through time following the masterful careers of San Diego’s surf elite such as Carl Ekstrom, Don Hansen, Bob Simmons, and more. Visitors can see firsthand how surfing has evolved, and see the progression of boards and changing local surf spots throughout history.

San Diego Sports Museum Sailing History

The newest exhibit is perhaps the most unique; that is the sailing section of the museum. San Diego has a rich history of sailing, and the pristine waters of Mission Bay, the harbor, and the Pacific Ocean gave San Diegans the foundation to excel at this sport. A visually stunning exhibit displays as its centerpiece, a formerly raced Star Class Boat that is fully rigged. Throughout the exhibit visitors can view historic videos, personal interviews, sailing footage, and more, detailing San Diego sailing. Bear witness to the multitude of awards San Diego sailors have won from World Championships to Olympic medals.

The San Diego Sports Museum is about showing pride in San Diego teams and the individuals that make them excel. This 70,000-square-foot center is the largest in the nation and is not only dedicated to professional teams, but to local high schools and colleges as well. Area high schoolers that excel in their sports even participate in a special dinner where they announce the colleges they will be attending. Robert Breitbard set out to honor San Diego athletes and provide a unique cultural experience to visitors of the museum, and he accomplished it.