Experience The Magic Of Seaport Village

Seaport Village is a collection of over seventy free-standing one-of-a-kind shops, galleries, and restaurants comprising a waterfront village on the San Diego Bay. The fourteen acre village is reminiscent of a harbor setting a century ago. The village stands on on Punta de los Muertos (Point of the Dead), the burial place of a 1782 Spanish expedition where many died from scurvy. The area was covered by landfill and later used as a railroad yard. Seaport Village was built on the 14-acre space in 1980. It’s located on the shores of San Diego Bay between the USS Midway and the San Diego Convention Center.

The 50-plus shops of Seaport Village cater to tourists and offer everything from upscale cruise wear to jewelry to souvenirs. Hot Licks is a specialty store offering hot sauces and salsas. Seaport Oil, Vinegars, & Wine sells herb-infused culinary specialties. Visitors can buy a hammock from Swings and Things, women’s apparel from Mystic Mermaid, men’s apparel from Haberdashery, and so much more. There’s seemingly no end to the unique offerings at Seaport Village. Must-see galleries include California Candle Gallery, where personalized candles are made on the spot; Indian Trails Gallery with Navajo, Zuni, and Hopi arts; and Wyland galleries featuring the artist’s marine themed paintings, sculptures, and photos.

Strolling the four miles of cobblestone walkways that wind through the village past ponds, fountains, quaint wooden bridges, colorful and exotic plants and flowers, and lush greenery will work up any shopper’s appetite. There are several places in Seaport Village where visitors can eat. One popular place is the outdoor central food court where live music plays daily. Each afternoon, visitors can enjoy their food to the sounds of blues, jazz, Latin American folk, Flamenco guitar, country, or swing. Check the Seaport Village website for a schedule of who’s performing.

If you’re looking for a more formal dining experience or just something with an ocean view, try the Edgewater Grill, Buster’s Beach House Grill, or the upscale Harbor House. If you simply want a light snack, little stands and carts dot the boardwalk featuring roasted nuts, popcorn and caramel corn, ice cream, and other novelty treats. For a tasty gourmet treat, stop in at Frosted Robin Cupcakes. Need a caffeine fix? Go to Seaport Coffee and Fudge for a moment of indulgence.

Pier Cafe at Sunset Seaport Village San Diego California USASeaport Village offers year-round entertainment. Street performers and artisans add to the character and appeal of the village. In fact, at the end of March, Seaport Village hosts its annual Spring Buskers Festival and hands out awards – including The People’s Choice, so visitors can join in the fun. Regular buskers at Seaport Village include caricaturists, face painters, balloon sculptors, and an oriental brush artist. Creativity is embraced at Seaport Village; even the Village’s century-old carousel has hand-painted horses by artist Charles Loof.

Visiting Seaport Village on holidays makes the experience just that much more fun. Besides the March Buskers Festival, try to visit over Easter, Halloween, or Christmas for tons of family-fun activities. When you’re finally tuckered out from all that fun, grab a spot on the expansive grassy area that fronts the village and watch from under a shade tree, as the sailboats glide across San Diego Bay.