Lucha Libre

When Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop says their Mexican tacos are authentic they mean it, and they can prove it. The three brothers that own this establishment; Jose Luis Maurillo and Diego Rojano-Garcia were born in Mexico and raised in San Diego by their mother and salsa guru Mother B. They stick true to their roots and their recipes with Mother B in the kitchen creating her magical salsas daily for your delicious consumption. Authentic Mexican food isn’t the only draw at Lucha Libre, it’s also their concept and decor, a playful representation of a favorite Mexican past-time – professional wrestling. When you think authentic Mexican, think Luche Libre.

Lucha Libre Ambiance

Lucha Libre is located on Washington Street just a few blocks from the Washington Street Trolley Shop. This restaurant has the gift of appearing unassuming from the outside, but once you walk in you’ll think, wait, am I at a Mexican wrestling match? I was just trying to grab a bite to eat! That’s because Lucha Libre’s interior is so unexpected, once you walk through the doors you’re hit with bright pink walls covered in Mexican wrestling artwork and memorabilia. Black tables with zebra print chair cushions are all over, large black booths, and the infamous golden booth where only royal customers who call 24 hours in advance get the chance to sit.

All around you TVs are showcasing authentic Mexican wrestling matches, you will feel as if you’ve been transported straight into the action of one of Mexico’s biggest namesakes. If that isn’t enough to rock your world, wait until you see the Lucha Libre soda fountain machine where masked men don the labels instead of the traditional Pepsi or Coke. Just when you think the shock of it all will subside you get up to throw your trash away and are greeted by Anchorman, and for those who abide by recycle rules, push that old fashioned radio back and get rid of your plastics. Two words come to mind when visiting Lucha Libre “ Mind Blown.”

Lucha Libre Food

The ambiance at Lucha Libre pulls you in, but the food makes you stay and keeps you coming back for more. All their gourmet tacos and burritos are made with the freshest ingredients, with a great collection of incomparable vegetarian options. Being featured on the prominent show Man vs. Food as one of the premier Mexican restaurants in the nation is just one of their accolade; they have also been voted the “best burrito in town.” Their top contender for infamy is the “TJ” dog, an all-beef hot dog wrapped in bacon and topped with grilled vegetables. They don’t use lard in any of their menu items and offer roughly 10 salsa choices all created by Mother B and her secret recipes.

You can get breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Lucha Libre. A must try before you start your day is the Pancake Burrito – a savory pancake filled with home-style potatoes, chorizo, ham, bell peppers, topped with two eggs over easy and their secret chipotle sauce. A local favorite lunch item is the Queso Taco – grilled crispy cheese filled with your choice of steak, chicken, or fresh fries and topped with more cheese, special sauce, and avocado slices.  If you want to try something a little different, you must order the DDT loaded baked potato – grilled steak or chicken, with shrimp, bacon, and mushrooms topped with melted cheese and super-secret chipotle sauce. For dessert check out the flan of the day which is whatever Brother Jose decided to make that day – original? chocolate? almond? who really knows, but guaranteed it’s delicious!

Lucha Libre: The Details

There is no kids’ menu, but that does not mean that kids aren’t welcome here, quite the opposite in fact, what kid doesn’t love a place that showcases masked wrestlers? This is definitely a place for families; it’s a high energy restaurant that loves to make their guests smile and have a great time while chowing down. Lucha Libre is located on 1810 West Washington Street in San Diego, the parking lot is just a little before you reach the restaurant. If you end up passing the parking lot, you’ll notice the restaurant by the outdoor patio with the gold railing, black overhang, and satisfied faces, so just come back around. A little tip for first-timers looking to make a splash and get a discount, come in wearing a Lucha mask and get the Luchador discount.

Lucha Libre Neighborhood

The infamous Lucha Libre is located in the Mission Hills neighborhood, since you are already in the area satisfying your stomach you might as well see what this area has to offer. Try to plan your visit around a show at the National Comedy Theatre, just a one-minute walk away on India Street that offers zany family-friendly improv comedy shows. The San Diego Harbor is just a six minute drive away. Stroll along the harbor and take in the views and the fresh sea air, or visit the Maritime Museum of San Diego which showcases a collection of historic ships.