The Baked Bear

While visiting their native San Diego during Thanksgiving of 2012, two guys came up with an ingenious idea that would change the course of their lives and allow them to fulfill their childhood dreams of owning their own restaurant. Shane Stanger and Rob Robbins took the brave step to move back home, once again living with their parents, and began to create what is now The Baked Bear. The first step was recipe creation which took place in the Robbins’ family bakery; once completed they set out in search of the perfect location, which happened to be in the heart of Pacific Beach.

On opening day in May of 2013 they were surprised to see that they already had lines reaching out the door and down Mission Boulevard. They shouldn’t have been; The Baked Bear is the perfect blend of ice cream shop and baked goods heaven. Here customers can custom design their very own ice cream sandwich among other delicious treats. It’s no wonder they were a staple in this great city within three months after opening. A sign inside the shop reads, “Life is short, eat cookies.” That tells you everything you need to know about The Baked Bear.

The Baked Bear Ambiance

You’ll find The Baked Bear at 4516 Mission Boulevard almost exactly between Garnet Avenue and Felspar Street. Large floor to ceiling windows at the front of the shop allow natural light to illuminate the inside. A large, hanging black and blue menu is the first thing you see when you walk through the door; it’s your first stop on the trail to dessert bliss. Here you’ll note the vast amount of options and begin your journey. The silver wraparound dessert bar with glass windows reveals a vision of colorful possibilities, showcasing all their delicious snacks.

You’ll follow their four-step process picking out your favorites, mixing and matching, just itching to get to the register so you can finally indulge in your perfectly designed ice cream sandwich. The dine-in area is a collection of quaint tables with sleek silver chairs surrounded by cute wall decorations like the Baked Bear enjoying his ice cream sandwich with his shades on. Relax and people watch as you enjoy your treat, or just listen to the oohs and ahs of gratitude all around you.

The Baked Bear Food

The Baked Bear is all about fresh baked gourmet cookies and premium ice creams coming together in one delicious mix. Four steps bring you to an end product designed especially for you and by you. First, you’ll pick your top and bottom. You can choose from cookies, brownies, donuts, and waffles, and you can even mix and match. How about a red velvet cookie bottom and a snicker doodle brownie top? It’s possible here; there are 10 delicious baked goods from which to choose. Now, it’s time to choose your ice cream center with 12 different options; birthday cake, rocky road, coffee, and cookie dough are just a few you might try.

Head over to step three where you can choose from among eight toppings like almonds, Oreo crumbs, or hot fudge to take your sandwich to the next level. Just when you thought it couldn’t get more perfect, you have the option of step four; would you like that delectable sandwich warmed up? Did they even need to ask? Yes please! For those who want to keep it old school simple, there are plenty of other desserts to choose from like the classic root beer float or a hot fudge sundae.

The Baked Bear Details

There are not many places that offer parking in Pacific Beach, but The Baked Bear shares a large parking lot with several other businesses in the area. You can park in this parking structure free for up to 90 minutes as long as you are patronizing one of the businesses that share it. The Baked Bear became so popular that they were able to open two other locations in San Diego – one in Carmel Valley, and one in La Costa. They were even asked to open in Petco Park, the home of Padre’s baseball.

If you want to sweeten up a party or event, The Baked Bear has two catering options at your service. They will come to you with two trained staff members and a catering cart equipped with four ice cream and cookie flavors of your choice. For smaller events place an order with them in advance and they’ll have it ready and packaged for you to pick up. To enlist their help with your future event you can contact them directly at their website.

The Baked Bear Neighborhood

With The Baked Bear located in the heart of Pacific Beach, you’ll find that you are surrounded by plenty of things to do. Get a little shopping in by visiting Urban Outfitters a few stores down, or head down Garnet away from the beach to the local boutiques offering the latest beachwear. Follow lunch at the Pita Pit, Fatburger, P.B. Bar and Grill, P.B. Ale House or Moondoggies with dessert from The Baked Bear. Take your treat and sit by the ocean, or walk out on the Crystal Pier or along the boardwalk. Rent some bikes at The Bicycle Discovery just a few feet away from The Baked Bear and cruise around Pacific Beach. You’ll never have a shortage of things to do in this family-friendly beach neighborhood.