Science for Everyone at Fleet Science Center

Located in San Diego’s beautiful Balboa Park, the Fleet Science Center has over one hundred interactive exhibits that teach and entertain using the mysteries of science. Along with the IMAX Theater, the center provides immersive experiences and events throughout the year that aim to bring science into the lives of everyone in the community. They’re on a mission to create a better future with science.

No matter your age or your interests, one of the Fleet Science Center’s year-round events will surely capture your attention, from their Saturday Science Club for girls to their Senior Mondays lecture series. 

Here’s a look at a few regular events you won’t want to miss.

Weekend Science Clubs for Kids at Fleet Science Center

Saturday Science Club for Girls 

The Fleet Science Center has a monthly event program specifically for girls in grades five to eight every second Saturday of the month from noon until 2 p.m. The Saturday Science Club for Girls has events throughout the year designed to engage young minds and keep them eager to learn about the wonders of science.

Young learners will explore a variety of topics from many different fields of science that include biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, environmental science, robotics, and more. Children take part in interactive, hands-on activities, and the science center partners with local scientists who impart scientific knowledge through fun and informative lessons. 

In addition to the Saturday Science Club for Girls, the Fleet Science Center also offers a monthly Sunday Science club open to both boys and girls grades five to eight. The Sunday Science Club provides children the opportunity to experience and explore all of the topics and activities of the Saturday Science Club for Girls.

Young Scientists Program

Young Scientists is the Fleet Science Center’s program that brings the wonders of science to preschool-aged children three to five years old. Program events take place on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and all children must be accompanied by an adult (one adult for every child participating).

You and your young one will take part in hands-on informal lessons meant to create excitement about science early on in your child’s life with the hope that they’ll remain curious about science as they get older. If you wish to participate in this program with your child, pre-registration is required, and space in the program is limited.

Senior Mondays at Fleet Science Center

On the first Monday of every month from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m., Senior Mondays provides seniors the opportunity to explore the science center and all that it has to offer at discounted rates. Seniors 65 and older are granted access to all of the Science Center exhibits, an IMAX show in the Helkoff Giant Dome Theater, and a lecture for only $10. Senior Mondays feature the Sharp Minds lecture series, which brings local scientists into the center where they share their research on various topics with older learners in an environment that is friendly and fun.

The Sky Tonight Planetarium Show at Fleet Science Center 

On the first Wednesday evening of every month, Fleet Science Center visitors enjoy a planetarium show that’s narrated by Fleet’s astronomer. Explore the solar system and the cosmos while being educated on a variety of topics that change every month. Learn about phenomena like tidal forces and gravitational waves.

If the weather permits, your planetarium show includes a free telescope viewing with the San Diego Astronomy Association after the show. Because of the sophisticated nature of the information presented during these shows, the science center does not recommend bringing children under five years of age.

Fleet Night of Science at Fleet Science Center 

Fleet Night of Science is an after-hours event for adults (21 and over) who want the chance to explore the science center without kids around. Fleet Night of Science allows you to learn about science in a fun and laid-back environment. Enjoy a cocktail and snacks while listening to music. Adults can get answers from scientists on topics that they’re curious about.

The science center organizes fun, adult-themed events where you can learn about things like the physics of beer pong while you’re actually playing the game. Proceeds from food and cocktails purchased at these events go towards Fleet’s goal of connecting everyone in San Diego with the power of science. 

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