Wildlife Camps for Kids during the Holidays

Autumn Peltier, Greta Thunberg, Xiye Bastida and other young climate and conservation activists are inspiring kids around the world to get involved in learning about and caring for the environment. In San Diego, Living Coast Discovery Center hosts exciting, educational Wildlife Day Camps over Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks to spark interest in the environment and climate action.

Located in the heart of Chula Vista, the Discovery Center presents a zoo-quarium that educates children on coastal resource conservation. It encourages curious, young future scientists, conservationists, activists, and citizens to learn through fun and interactive day camps. Kids can experience close encounters with some of the world’s most beautiful animals, including a warm welcome from a bale of endangered sea turtles. 

The Wildlife Experience 

The Living Coast Discovery Center has created the ultimate wildlife experience for young explorers to learn about all things wildlife, science, and conservation during these fun-filled and action-packed day camps. Running over Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks, children are invited to come together and learn about the incredible creatures that live on our land. Imagine meeting the nation’s symbolic bald eagle face-to-face. Explore nature trails, discover a rare feeding experience for various species, and get involved in an array of arts and crafts, interactive exhibitions, and science-based activities.

The Aquarium Experience

Inside Living Coast Discovery Center features a range of areas devoted to special underwater sea creatures for children to discover more about these magical sea-animals. Turtle Lagoon is home to the Eastern Pacific green sea turtles, an extremely endangered species. A 21,000-gallon aquarium filled with mysterious sea-life and a shallow-water touch tank allow guests to touch and feel a real-life ray. Experience a close encounter with a shark and even have a chance at feeding them. Explore Shorebird Aviary for a personal view of San Diego’s native birds. The entire grounds of LCDC are surrounded by Mother Nature’s exotic plants accompanied by almost two miles of walking trails with all routes guiding to stunning coastal views. 

All this and more is available at the Center’s Wildlife Camps.

Wildlife Day Camps 

LCDC Wildlife Day Camps take part during the week of Thanksgiving when most students are out of school, November 25th to 27th from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. These fun, educational days are divided into three separate groups that cater to various ages. Each group has a specific topic of interest suitable for those involved with relevant interactive activities. 

Ocean Outlaws

Designed for the youngest explorers, Ocean Outlaws educates Pre K and Kindergarten kids on the many weird and wonderful creatures living in our deep-blue sea. Our ocean is a magical place filled with extraordinary life, but with that comes essential precautions. Ocean Outlaws teaches little ones what lies beneath and the types of dangerous species lurking among all the beauty. From tiger sharks and sea snakes to pufferfish and blue-ringed octopuses, this day camp shines a light on both aspects of sea life. 

Built to Hunt

Predators play a vital role in nature’s food chain. Just like humans, all animals need food to survive, and for the majority of these carnivores that means the meat of other animals. Built to Hunt explores the extraordinary techniques and abilities these predators use to catch their prey. Children 1st to 3rd grade can grasp an insight into which animals hunt for their food and how they prey. Those at the bottom of the food chain must protect themselves in the process. 

Ecosystem Explorers

Ecosystem Explorers invites mini adventurers in 4th to 6th Grade to an action-packed camp. Wildlife enthusiasts can embark on an exploration of three San Diego ecosystems for an educational journey. Organized field trips will take place over three days, with a different location for each. Day One entails a visit to Cabrillo National Park to investigate tide pools. Day Two is an exploration of the swampland at Pepper Park, an active day-out for kids to run free. On the final Day Three, youngsters will put on their walking boots and hike up the habitat of Otay Valley Regional Park to really enjoy the wild side of life.

From preparing for camp to check-in details, get all the information you need

Unable to Attend during These Dates? 

No worries, you will have another chance reserve your child’s spot at one of the Wildlife Camps during the Christmas holidays. December 23rd, 26th, and 27th, LCDC will host the same camps again with all the same exciting activities included, so that no one misses out on this unique experience.

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